Record AC Remote – Manual

1.In devices page, click on the appropriate iR device.

2.In iR device page, click on + sign (At top bar / Middle page).

3.In the popup we have types of remotes, we choose AC.

4.A new popup will open:
Library – Match a remote with library.
Record – Manual record a remote.
Copy – Copy remote to a different iR device
Delete – Delete remote.

Press Record

5.Now we see the Manual AC template, first click on the + Sign.

6.Enter the button name and click save.

7.Click on the newly added button.

8. A record popup will appear and the iR LED change to Red,
This is the time to point the remote to the iR device and click the correct button.

9. We will click the Test Code button to check the code recorded.

10. After the test, a popup will show:
Save code – Set the code to a button.
Learn again – starts again the learning code (Section 6).
Test Again – check the code again (Section 7).

11. After saving the code we can see that the button’s content changed to green and now enabled to use.