Record Multimedia Remote – Brand

1.In devices page, click on the appropriate iR device.

2.In iR device page, click on + sign (At top bar / Middle page).

3.In the popup we have types of remotes, we choose TV.

4.A new popup will open:
Library – Match a remote with library.
Record – Manual record a remote.
Copy – Copy remote to a different iR device
Delete – Delete remote.

Press Brand

5.We will see a list of brands, select the appropriate brand.

6.In the menu we have 2 buttons:
Choose a model – select from a models list.
Matching model – test remotes.

7.In Choose a model page, we will see a list of models of the selected brand from we can select the correct one.

8.In Matching model page, we will have buttons to match from a library of codes.
Try the ON-OFF, Mute, Vol -/+ buttons, if works click the “Save as remote control” else click “Next Group” and check again.

9.After saving a remote, it will appear and we can use it.